WARNING: i do not know what i am doing

very very under construction

My corner of the internet :)

In love with my computer <3

something abt having a website seems so ideal, cant say i have enough time to make it real good real quick but ill get there eventually

 ¸.·´  ¸   `·.¸.·´)
: © ):´;      ¸  {
 `·.¸ `·  ¸.·´\`·¸)

Made a blinkie!!

right!!!!!!! look its over here!!!

ohmygoodess it works!!!
brain is frittering a fair bit but thats ok :)

i am tired to the point of the bright colours giving me a headache;; so i removed them

i wish i had the time to pour into this. having this a fully fleshed website would be sooooo sick..

To Do List

Big thing brewing to do list

Continuously? need to keep making art, doing projects, and writing entries about them

while you're at it peep